Monday, 27 January 2014

My Chinese Card Class

We have just finished hosting two teachers from China who were over here for a tour for 10 days.  They were the loveliest girls and we really enjoyed their stay with us.

They were very fascinated with all my craft items and really wanted me to teach them to make something while they were here.

Thought I would share the result of our a little class together.  One of the cards was going to be given to a friend of theirs who was celebrating their birthday whilst here.

I had so much fun teaching the girls.  They had very limited english but with a lot of laughter and just showing them what to do it all came together very well.

They were very excited when they got to stamp their flowers and then punch them out.  They needed to take photos of everything we did.

Finished card being given to their friend.

They wanted to take a photo home of myself as the teacher and them with their creations.

Such a fun time and sad to see them leave.

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