Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Happy Australia Day everyone.

Today was all about getting the overhead cupboards up.

It will be easy he says, just have to put the strip up and hang the cupboards off the strip he says.  Won't take us any time at all he says.

And I believed him.  Famous last words.

 First of all we discovered that we had bought the wrong size screws, so it was back to the hardware to get the right size.

Back home and 2 hours later the first hanging strip has been put up and had the first two cupboards hung.   Awesome, but alas discovered  they weren't as high as we thought, so strip taken down and try to raise it.  Silly brick wall and roof not even so made everything very difficult.  End up deciding the cupboards are perfectly fine where they are, giving up and re-hanging in the original place.

All good, hang two cupboards and all looking great.

On to hanging the next strip for the next cupboards.  Hmmm, why is it not lining up with the first lot.  After much fiddling and having to realign the first strip it was all good.

So finally, all systems go and the balance of the hanging rail is hung.  They certainly made very tough bricks in the 70s.  Took forever and a couple of drill bits to finish.

Great, think we are on the home stretch.   All cupboards now going up easily, except what is this at the end.  Why is this cupboard sitting on the bench top.  Well that would be because we are something like 5 mm short and now we have to do some fiddling to get this cupboard in its right place.  All too hard for now.  

So after something like 6 hours this is as far as we have gotten.  Starting to look great, but still so much more to do.

I have spent most of the day helping with the hanging of the cupboards and in between put together all the cupboard doors with their hinges.  Just need some finished cupboards to hand them on.

And that was how we spent our Australia Day.


  1. Love the updates! This is going to be so fabulous when all done! Xx

  2. Hi Cheryll. I can't wait for it all to be finished. Hopefully my next update will show it almost done. xx


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