Friday, 18 May 2012

Sweet Dreams Scrapbooking Page

It seems like months have gone by since I went away for my weekend scrapbooking retreat (in truth it was only about 3 weeks ago).  Thought I would share with you today one of the pages I actually did manage to complete.  I loved how sweet and girly this page turned out.  Unfortunately, the only items I used that were Stampin'Up! was the Pink Striped Ribbon and the two Diamante Brads in my title.  As it wasn't a Stampin'Up! scrapbook retreat I did feel a bit guilty whenever I pulled out anything that was non CM.

I loved these photos of my daughter.  She insisted that she wasn't tired and would be reading for a long time.  As I suspected, when I next checked on her the book was still open but the eyes were very closed.  I'm sure she was dreaming of whatever she had been reading about - probably ponies, puppies, kittens or fairies.

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